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A.J. Pools: Weekly Maintenance

A.J. Pools, a privately owned and operated company, provides residential and commercial cleaning and maintenance services for Austin, Tx. and the surrounding areas. Our full weekly maintenance includes everything you need to keep your pool up and running perfectly. Choose A.J. Pools for a sparkling and thorough clean that will be sure to please even the most discerning customer.

Our weekly maintenance checklist

Vacuum Pool

Clean Out Skimmers

Brush Steps, Benches, and Tile

Skim Pool Surface

Empty Pump Basket

Backwash Pool (as needed)

Inspect Equipment

Analyze Water Chemistry 

Maintain Water Chemistry

Our weekly maintenance starts at $120/month. All chemicals are included! & All taxes are already included in the price! Still have questions? We are happy to answer them. Give us a call at 469-964-4555.

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